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About The Jewish Education Project

For over 100 years, The Jewish Education Project has been supporting educators to build strong Jewish communities. Originally The Board of Jewish Education, The Jewish Education Project is a nationally recognized organization that provides professional development and other resources to teachers and leaders in a variety of Jewish educational spaces including day schools and yeshivos. 

​The materials and resources on this website are specifically designed to support general studies educators in yeshivos. This space will be continuously reviewed by leaders in the yeshiva community to ensure the content is appropriate. All material on this site is provided free of charge to registered users. Please note, that while we encourage you to learn about other resources offered by The Jewish Education Project, visiting our main page or educator portal may include content not relevant to yeshivos. 

Our Vision is for Jewish youth and their families to engage in Jewish educational experiences that enable them to thrive as Jews and in the world.  

Our Mission is to inspire and empower educators to create transformative Jewish experiences. 

The materials on this website are provided free of charge to registered users.


Our Values 

  • We inspire intentional learning communities 

  • We promote growth and development 

  • We respect where people are and offer a map of possibility 

  • We honor tradition and embrace change 

  • We strive for excellence through innovation 

  • We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion 


To learn more about The Jewish Education Project click here

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